Get to know Tuatapere

Get to know Tuatapere

The small township of Tuatapere once re-known as a saw milling centre, is located on the Southern Scenic Route and is a mere 8 kilometres from the Southern coast. For many visiting here it is a town of which evokes a sense of nostalgia. The fast forward button hasn't been activated here. The wide-open streets remain wide, the roads are reasonably quiet, and the majority of the residential homes pose proudly on large quarter acre sections. In the old style kiwiana way students still ride their bikes to school, some gather at the local fish 'n chippie in the weekends while others often try their luck in securing their own kai fishing off the bridge over the Waiau. In general, it is a wholesome, simple life on offer here.

Within the tight knit community of Tuatapere there is a feeling of comradeship. Several past and present residents with their various skill sets, resources and knowledge have ensured the upkeep of several conveniences, amenities and services. For a town with a population of less than 600, locals have access to a medical centre, squash courts, playcentre, library, swimming pool, area school, rugby grounds, cafes, bars, 4 square shop, walking tracks...the list goes on. Aside from this there are copious options for both fresh water and sea water fishing. Many hunters also source their own supply of meat from the hills in the district.  

The predominant local industries of Tuatapere are mainly forestry and farming while the local sawmill, supermarket and trucking company also employ large numbers of staff. Tourism has also increased during the past years, visitors being captivated and inspired by this region which boasts a tapestry of somewhat stunning yet contradicting landscapes. So, for those whom have a passion for the great outdoors, this region would be an utopia of sorts. Beneath the brow of the surrounding mountain ranges, manicured green farmlands accentuate the vast areas of land camouflaged in native NZ bush, beech forests and other native flora. As the portal to Fiordland National Park, Lake Monowai and Lake Hauroko are also just a short driving distance from Tuatapere. Lake Hauroko which covers an area of 63km2 is absolutely breath taking and with a depth of 462 metres it is the deepest lake in New Zealand. 

For those who prefer to reside within the boundaries of glitzy shopping malls, neon lights, congested traffic, and mammoth concrete constructions then Tuatapere and the Western Southland districts are probably not for you. If the kind of edge you're looking for is more-so in alignment to actually living on the edge, meaning living on the edge of nature, then you may well have found your ideal spot. And if at any time you tire of the many outdoor pursuits on offer here at your doorstep, it is only a 2.5-hour trip to the ski fields and wineries in Queenstown. If it's the latest released movie at the cinema you have a craving to see, then a drive of just over an hour will have you in Southland's biggest city Invercargill.    

We now live in a world where life for many is becoming rapidly challenging amidst over population, pollution, personal stress and such. The arteries of many societies and systems are clogging to detrimental extents and reality is, there are very few places like Tuatapere that exist in this modern day. Tuatapere is a town of which one can in fact have the choice as to how they want to live their life fruitfully while sustaining their lifestyles, whether that choice is to slow down a few notches and get back to basics or whether the choice is to switch on that entrepreneur radar to ignite and create the business and the dream you have always wished for. 

Regardless you will find many an opportunity here in Tuatapere, Western Southland. 

Written by our Salesperson Melanie Muldrew