Get to know Riverton

Get to know Riverton

Riverton Is Our Secret

This place.... our place... beside the water, stept in history from whaling to gold, the village thrived under trying conditions and restrictions unfamiliar to us today and we are so lucky to have captured a good part of this to pass on to generations moving forward in our famous Te Hikoi Heritage Museum.

Today Riverton has again reinvented itself with our little sea-side town growing in popularity as everybody has a Holiday Home or is a regular guest to the many Book a Bach’s available or the traditional Sunday drive to the beach for an Ice-cream.

The many walks to Mores Reserve & surrounds along with the paths and walk-ways around the beach are enjoyed by many people with families walking the dog or even the many horses from Pony school, Racehorses, or just recreational horse-riding.

The many retirement & disabled facilities bring their clients out to Riverton on a regular basis to see the sites.

The tight-knit community has plenty to offer for young and old, primary and high schools, pre-school facilities, sports groups, service clubs, along with several options for dining out, delicious coffee and great hotel options.

As you can tell, for me in Real Estate in the fabulous Riverton area, I love it!!

The interesting conversations from a variety of people from all walks and my favourite question is "What’s brings you to Riverton " the answers are mixed, positive for the people and how the town & area have evolved to slightly negative relating to the weather.

All part of the package...I say

So how do I see things moving forward from Covid-19, well through my eyes we as Southlanders will "weather the storm".

We are a pragmatic lot by nature and tend to just get on with it.

We will "cut the cloth it fit" if the going gets tough and appreciate it when like returns to the new normal.

After all Life is for living....


Written by our Salesperson Diane Wilson