At Todd & Co Realty, we are passionate about property and getting the best results possible for our clients. We were receiving so many enquiries about doing holiday home management for clients wishing to maximise their Return on Investment without the hassle involved- while not impacting on their and their family's use. We said "If they want it, let's do it!".

Services provided:

  • 24 hour access to your property information, including financials & calendar through our online system.
  • All property marketing and channel distribution on New Zealand’s premium accommodation booking channels
  • Receiving and managing all visitor payments, bookings and communication
  • 24 hour emergency contact for visitors
  • Cleaning services
  • Regular property inspections and security
  • Gardening and maintenance (if required)

For more information and a copy of our owner information brochure contact Charlotte McCurdy 0272 189 099.


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